About the Photographer

A Self PortraitAs sappy as it may sound, I am absolutely in love with the magical, heartbreaking, breathtaking beauty in this world and cannot get enough of it. It continues to amaze me that a little machine in the palm of my hand can make that magic last forever.  My goal as a photographer is to preserve those moments and that beauty for my clients, for myself and for the world to enjoy.

My love affair with photography is long, dating back to my first disposable camera at the young age of six. As a child, I entered photos into school art contests. As a teen, my 35mm and I recorded and preserved events, trips and everyday life on hundreds of rolls of film (which my parents generously paid to have developed). In college, I graduated to a point-and-shoot digital camera, which made photography more affordable and practical. In 2010, I decided I could no longer deny my love of photography. I began seriously pursuing it as a hobby and shared the pictures with friends… who began asking me to take pictures for them! In 2011, I continued honing my skills and began researching business structures and registration, different website hosts, logos and other various aspects related to establishing a business, which is what I hope to do early in 2012.

Now, I spend my free time absorbing everything I can about photography:  I pore over equipment reviews, dream of new lenses, and browse blogs of established photographers for inspiration and challenges (it’s completely rewarding to see something breathtaking and then go figure out just how they did that). Then, I go out and take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

On a personal note, I’m a 20-something college grad working 9 to 5 and dreaming of the day I can do photography full time. Until then, it’s a passion and hobby that continually challenges and inspires me. I live in Oklahoma City, which I have adopted as my beloved hometown, with my wonderful husband.


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