Northwest Tour: The Water

After our 20 hour day, half spent traveling and half traipsing around Seattle, we spent a morning eating breakfast (my husband found a place with sourdough and was thrilled, while I found gluten free scones!), visiting the Seattle Aquarium, and then strolling through Pike Place Market (again). Then we dashed back up the hill to our hotel, where our bags were waiting for us (so thankful that the hotel watched them for us) and where my parents would pick us us. Once they arrived, the four of us drove around to wait for the ferry that would take us across the sound to visit some family.

I could ride a ferry every day and never get tired of it (well, except for paying for it). It’s a super smooth ride with gorgeous views, and it saved us a bunch of time from driving all the way around the sound. Isn’t the view above just lovely?! The clouds, the light, the sailboats, the shimmer on the water… this is a view I dream of.

We met my aunt, uncle and cousin for an early dinner, then headed to their home for an evening. They live a block, maybe, off of the water, so of course we headed down there, too. That’s where I grabbed the below shots:

I don’t think I could have asked for a better sunset that night. If I ever move anywhere, it will be to a place near water. Sights like this, on a regular basis, would just thrill me!

The next day we made our way down to Oregon, so this will be the last post in this series of posts to highlight the trip to Washington. Check back in, though, as I have some great shots from all over Oregon!

Photographs © Nicole McDaniel and Nicole McDaniel Photography, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


4 thoughts on “Northwest Tour: The Water

  1. Seattle is a lovely place. I love especially driving with ur car onto the ferry. I was thrilled the first (and only) time when I took it 🙂
    Looking forward for ur shots from Oregon ? Do u already have things chalked out ? Today and tomorrow seems to be a good day for sunset at the coast, Wish I get a chance to drive up there before the rain hits again ! Enjoy ur trip !

    • This series of posts (Northwest Tour) is featuring photographs from a trip I took in 2010. I went through the photos and found the ones I wanted to use, so I have an idea of what is coming up in the next post.

      Normally, my posts are not that planned out. That’s one benefit of using old photos that belong together, I guess.

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